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a look at what's happening now. light to moderate showers from virginia, hagerstown southward down to culpeper. where you see the yellow and the red here is the heaviest of rain moving south to north just like it was yesterday. moving into marshall, virginia. otherwise, a few spotty showers. even charlestown. here is the forecast for today. temperatures are near 70 degrees. rising into the low 80's this afternoon. the morning rain will come to an end and we'll have sunshine by lunchtime and into the afternoon. southwesterly at 10-15. another chance of what could be very heavy rain wednesday night through thursday. >> the george washington parkway southbound after 123, a deer just ran out in the roadway so be very careful if you're going to leave in the next 10-15 minutes. lingering road work on the beltway. traffic has to stay to the left. we'll take you to a live picture of traffic on the beltway in greenbelt, maryland. i saw that car on my way in broken down waiting for help to arrive. >> ok, lisa. thank you. 4:32 is your time on this tuesday. more rain moves through d.c. region.
and then hagerstown as well momentarily this morning. otherwise, a few spotty, light showers going on the high temperature about 83, becoming less humid. we'll dry out and have a fair amount of sunshine. more rainfall later this week. >> while you were sleeping there was a crash on the interloop ramp to eisenhower avenue. they are out there now repairing the guardrail so you'll mind exit ramp closed for the next 10-15 minutes. you'll find everything in your favor on the greenway, route 29 and even 270. not bad. more to come on the traffic side. we'll have the latest information from metro rail. last we heard, first trains in normal service. >> our top story now, a 2-year-old boy fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself in the chest. and now two teenagers are facing charges. this all happened early monday morning along little elliott drive in hagerstown. we are live from d.c.'s national children's medical center. >> good morning to you. according to police, a young boy is said to be in critical condition here at children's this morning after accidentally shooting himself. polic
of purple and red. that is heavy rainfall. it is moving towards hagerstown right now. this is good news. we will take every drop we can get as we are in an extreme drought there. low to mid 90's today. scattered clouds. muggy. you will feel the humidity and so tomorrow. by the weekend it will drop. now to lisa. >> moving nicely on i-70 from hagerstown to baltimore county. no problems on 270 southbound where i wanted to go southbound. just the growing volume. that is normal at 109. we started with an accident on the beltway. that is gone. we are good near andrews air force. travel times in your favor on 66, dulles greenway, toll road and green light on 95 from fredericksburg to baltimore. >> the future of school reform in the district is the top story. topic the agenda whether the man who will be the next mayor and controversial school chancellor can work together. we have some of the mixed signals we have seen so far. good morning. >> good morning. since the primary this has been the question. what will the future of d.c. public schools look like? for the first time the chancellor and the n
mile and a quarter. york, that's the worst of it. and a lone shower in western maryland. hagerstown is 68 and we are holding on along with annapolis to 71. mid-70s by 9:00. en90 for the drive home. a hot day ahead. >>> hey, everybody. we are cruising to the 6:00 hour. watching a lot of incidents or accidents clear out of the roadway. we like it like that. moving to 95 northbound. we take it outside and that's where we have watching volume build between the prince william parkway to route 1 woodbridge. next as we continue to 395, nothing but volume between duke and seminary and the accident at seminary is out of here. route 4, route 5 and 301. we zoom in. no incidents or accidents on the roadways and finally wrap it up with 270. seeing a lot of head lights out here. more drivers hitting the road. congestion from germantown road to 370. that's the latest. back to you. >>> at the top ott hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama speaks to the united nations this morning. he will address the general assembly. topics include the wars in iraq and afghanistan and
have some rain out there. most of the heaviest rain right now out toward hagerstown. but coming our wayyovernight. so don't be surprised to hear ú%mble of thunder in the next hour or two. but aftee that, it will quiet down. first wave dropped a nice amount of rain. first line caused severe storms up innnew york city. causing lots of damage there. midwest weather. and a line that comes through later on. zooming in the picture. not lot of activity. so things quiet down and gett3 ready for a fabulous weekend. i hope you have something planned outside because it is great to be outside. tell you about it in the seven-day forecast. coming up. >> a pot smoking 2-year-old.3 how this video went public. and tte close family member accused of providing this joint. >> want to have somethhngg3 important coming up. >> a new weight-loss procedure helps patients lose ait quiccly. how the patch works and why it makes eating such a pain. >> and held captive in this apartment or nearly a year now. how police finally ound my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but tha
in hagerstown. brianne carter joins us from children's national medical center in d.c. where the little boy is recovering. >> this happened early monday morning after a two-year-old boy found the gun under the bed and began playing with it before it went off. he was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. >> it is sad. >> a toddler from the town is fighting for his life. >> he's just a typical little boy. i never had problems. >> he was critically wounded after finding a loaded handgun under the bed and accidentally shooting himself. it happened before 1:30 monday morning at the cortland apartments in hagerstown. mario was found shot in the chest. thehey can't him about on stretcher and his arms and legs were hanging their. him.hey carried >> 17-year-old rivera tried to hide to the gun at a nearby playground after the shooting. >> the gun had been reported stolen. the two teenagers are being charged as adults. >>>> in brandywine a car that a baby was riding in hit a tree. four other people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. fed the infant suffered critical, life
. shenandoah valley not so bad in winchester but hagerstown, martinsburg a quarter mile, too. cumberland less than two mile and a quarter mile in easton for our friends in the eastern shore and denton fog, as well. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-50s north and west. low 80s here in town and 64 in southern maryland. bill in new last depend 82. -- newland, 62. high today of 83. it is 4 will be 30. -- 4:30. people maybe groggy staying up late watching football. 95 northbound looking good from dumfries to the mixing bowl. 395 right now nice and quiet. all lanes are wide open northbound and southbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge will where you have to watch for a traffic pattern and you should be fine. let's go out to inbound new york avenue in dc for folks heading to work a little early this morning. everything is in good shape. same on route 4, route 5 and the crane highway. and same story in maryland, outer loop is looking good from 95 to georgia. let's send it back tonnage. >> thank you. >>> right now fairfax county police are searching for the person responsible for a late- n
in salisbury, 57 in hagerstown and 54 in occasion occasion land. oakland. it's nice, dry conditions we wwll have to get rid of the fog and we will see a lot of sunshine. 57 in hagerstown and again, we there's any rain on the forecast over the next several days, because we canncerttinly use3 yesterddy was onto nearly enough. let's see what is happeninggon the roadways, lauren cooke is here to see the commute thhs morning. >> we do have a big accident on 95, involving three tractor traiieess -ou cceck a take a liie look, it has shutdown the northbound lanes at the chesapeake area. you want to stick with rrute 40 as an alternate route. as you make your way to the souuhbound area, traveling southbound, yoo're looking the a 4-minute drive, withhan average ú%eed of 54 miles per hour. all is clear on the beltway, traveeing from 95 toward 83, you're looking at an 11-minute ride. and the west side will remain you're looking at an 11 minute speed average speed the 55 miles pee hour. ú%ck to you. >>> 5:31 on fox 45 early edition. the murder trial or three men accused of gunning down former city cou
warmer conditions. that will be the case tomorrow, in the upper ailingts but not too humid. hagerstown 53. cumberland, 46 degrees. fredericksburg, 57. down in southern maryland, warmer. along the water. the water is warmer than the air this time of day, this time of year. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average for this time of year. record is 98 degrees. mostly sunny today. >>s the about 4:40 right now. it is about 4:40 right now. not a lot of people on the roads this labor day. >> of course, the holiday certainly taking effect. the first shot you're seeing there. no traffic coming into town and of course, on the american legion bridge, also finally, as quiet as can be. >> looking great. the 14th street bridge. once again, just a couple cars, so if you have to go to work like us, you're in good company. coming up on the show -- >> we've got cleaning up on cragse list, the online bulletin board cuts a very controversial section. >> this is a completely fictitious committee. >> but first a warning for voters >> in or top stories at 4:4 4, investigators are looking forer four people who
coming in with teeth. a thunderstorm warning out towards hagerstown. this should continue to fizzle just a little bit as we go into the overnight here. thundershowers, so much needed rain coming in our direction and we'll look forward to that but for the moment at least right around baltimore not much rain. tomorrow morning, a few more showers, then a little bit of fog to start off the day. sunshine hour by hour through the day. by 4:00 nice friday wrap up. what about the rest of the weekend, details still ahead. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. >>> an escaped inmate is in custody along with his girlfriend. palm service charged with attempted murder for a stabbing in august. police say the 32-year-old escaped from custody last friday while en route to central booking. they say palmer was able to break free from his hand restraints and escape. she was traveling with palmer, she is charged with harboring a fugitive. >>> tonight a 22-year-old woman is in the hospital after police say she was imprisoned in a baltimore county apartment and beat everyone:generator plain smith bay and kimberlay stacy ki
to our west, near hagerstown. we're not quite done with the wet weather around here just yet, but there is quite a bit of heavy rain and down in eastern north carolina. they will make their way towards chesapeake bay into the evening. that is why the national service -- weather service has made a flash flood watch. in this area, more heavy downpours are possible ovnight. low-lying areas could flood. 74 on the beach at ocean city. 70 at hagerstown. it is a little bit cooler out in the western maryland mountains. kind of money. sun said this evening at five minutes before 7:00. -- sunset this evening at 6:55. that bounder was enough to help kick up some severe thunderstorms. no reports of any damage or any spots of tornadoes, but the radar was showing strong locations for them developing. low pressure to the south will be tracking through our region. that brings a chance for additional rain, you'll see that developing as we go into the night. tomorrow night, a new batch of rain comes up from the south and spread into the area wednesday night and maybe some heavy rain again on t
. look at 3 c1 currentlyy 74 degrees in hagerstown. little coolerrair over the moontains aa this time. it lloks like for tomorrow on labor day if you're going out to the park, doing a picniccwhattvvr, we'll continue to see temperaturessclimb 3 c1 throogh the midmmrning in to % the fternoon. right around 80 degrees with plentt of p>> a prince george's county man suffered serious injuries after beiig stuck in a trench. the 52-year old was one of four mennfrom a water-proofing company work in an apartment >>> a two-year old boy died aftee being rescued from a pool in anne arundel county. police pay the oyywas swimming at a home. a ffmily mmmber rescued phe boy ann performed cpr. the child wws takkn to washiigton medical center, where heedied. >>>>a 15-year old boy is the face. it happpned near in ppnnsylvania and fulton aveeues pn west baltimore last night. according to police, the teenager is in stable >>> another university of colleee park. it happened in stuuent was approached by fourr suspeccs. one of them jumped a bus stop. five suspects at >>> the jerryylewis muscular
in this hagerstown community are shocked and saddened and pressing for the life of two-year-old mario longus. >> very unfortunate. >> this happened early monday morning where they found political bullet inside shot in the chest. the toddler found the gun under a bed and began playing with it before it went off. danny was rushed to children's national medical center where he is in critical condition. crisis is sad. -- >> it is sad. first of all: the baby doing up late at 1:30 in the morning. >> his 16-year-old brother marcus longus is in custody. 17-year-old fantasia rivera was arrested as well. she tried to hide the gun on a nearby playground after the shooting. the teenagers face multiple charges. >> guns a the park? >> developing details, a fire destroyed a local landmark and killed a number of cattle and livestock exchange. smoke was still pouring from the charter members this morning in mashal, virginia. if the fire broke out at 8:00 last night in the barn. firefighters saved as many animals as they could. 250 caldor in the barn at the time. at least five cowls died. -- cows. >> brandywineday in
in hagerstown. police say the boy found a loaded handgun under a bed and accidentally shot himself. he is in critical condition. police say the 18-year-old boy stole the gun and a 17-year-old girl tried to hide it at a nearby playground. they are both charged as adults in the case. >>> a sec teenager is in custody accused of stabbing and robbing a man at a manassas shopping center. the 14-year-old was arrested at his home on thursday. police say he and a 15-year-old accomplice attacked a 59-year- old property inspector last tuesday after that man refuse to hand over his wallet. the victim was treated for three stab wounds. >>> montgomery county police are looking for a man who raped a woman yesterday in germantown. it happened in the middle of the night in the woods near 355 and highpoint drive. investigators say a 21-year-old silver spring woman was walking toward a 7-eleven when she was grabbed from behind and forced in the wooded area. police are offering a reward up to $1,000 for helping to find the attacker. >>> a dc tourist accused in the death of his dog pleaded guilty to charge
bit of fog to deal with this morning. we have a cluster of storms firing up near hagerstown this morning. a band of clouds this morning. trying to turn partly to mostly sunny and another round of isolated late day storms. puts 90 within reach. let's see what is happening as you reach for the keys. and go out the door. >> reporter: in perryville, we have a crash that has route 222 at 275 close in both directions. traffic lights are not working at davidson bill road. i'll give a complete list of downed trees and wires, for issues on any of the major roadways at this time, just building volume. back to you. >>> 6:44 right now. milton hill was the guy who solved -- shoveled the snow off the steps of the church. no way should he have died like this. >> reporter: police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the streets, pulling up weeds and painting. they want to get rid of the criminal element. the 70-year-old was a beloved member of the ark church, kno
a little bit. we still have heavy rain out towards hagerstown. some may creep into frederick, maybe even carroll county. what we're really watching is further south, take a look at the lower part of your screen. you see those heavy downpours there across north carolina, extending up into virginia. that cluster of heavy rain on its way to us and so we're going to keep the flood threat going into the evening. 70s, rain still a flood watch through tomorrow morning. and again some of these downpours as they move in out of the south may be pretty heavy. much more on this and a look ahead towards next weekend, coming up. >>> long before the flood warnings and watches came into effect western high school in north baltimore was forced to close because of flooding in the school. workers arrived and found a few rooms damaged from the overnight rains. the damage was minor and they expect to have everything all cleaned up so school can resume tomorrow morning. >>> the other big story, the latest on the building collapse in west baltimore we told you about at 5:00. city rescue crews are still at the
through. not going to generate many showers. the best chance of showers will be hagerstown west ward. still 92 downtown. are you kidding me? 90 in leesburg. 91 as far as hagerstown and 91 fredericksburg. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy. breezy and mild. lows 64 to 7. winds southwesterly at 10 to 15. we have the full harvest moon tomorrow and it's national observe the moon day. get out and observe the moon. lows on the in the 60s outside of the beltway. low 70s downtown. 71 downtown. 67 in rockville. 66 in bowie and 66 also in reston. 65 in sterling. saturday morning, partly cloudy, breezy and warm. slight chance of a shower. 60s and 70s to start. by afternoon, plenty warm. nothing record setting, though. partly cloudy, slight chance of a shower. highs 84 to 88. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. this skinny line of showers approaching pittsburgh and back in to kentucky, that's the cold front. not paying a lot of hope on it that's the only hope of a shower during the day. few and far between. 87 tomorrow. much cooler on sunday. low 70s. locate the umbrella over the weekend. upper 70
to not talk-later tonight. -- later tonight. >> we are following a developing story out of hagerstown. a toddler is fighting for his life and two teenagers are under arrest after the boy found a gun and shot himself. the toddler found a handgun under a bed in an apartment in hagerstown. he is in critical condition at children's hospital. police have arrested his brother, a 16-year-old and his 17-year-old girlfriend and they are being charged as adults. the girl attempted to hide the gun after the shooting. the gun had been reported stolen. >> president obama has not minced words about the d.c. public school system. the president appeared on the today show this morning and a mother asked if he thought that d.c. schools to do a better job than the private school that his daughter's attend. >> the answer is no. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. they have made some important strides over the last several years to move and the direction of reform. >> the president's children attend a private school. some teachers and parents agree with the president's assessment that d.c. publ
this morning, but we have areas of fog. what appears to be a developing thunderstorm just west of hagerstown. otherwise we expect a dry morning. isolated thunderstorms, with a guaranteed high of '88. could reach 90 in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, good morning, everyone. we have another accident reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to providence. 95 southbound. traffic starting to build slightly. a four minute ride from white marsh on down. we check our cameras, we are looking pretty good so far here at 83 and warren road. northern baltimore county got hit hard with storms, debris is blocking a couple of intersections. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >>> after milton hill was murdered, his daughter said this. i know you are out there i know you are watching me and i'm watching you. you will be uncovered. that scooter? you'll never be
varied, 53 in sallsbury, cooler spot, and oakland on the cool side.3 66 ii hagerstown and 62 in yoo see showers dissipating to the northhin pennsylvania and new yook under hhgh pressure which will ring us highh3 pressure, sunshine and it should be very pleesant. we look for the rain in the %-use in a ittle bit..3 we can first let's take a look at lauren cooke wwth the first traffic edge. lauren. -> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have traffic at the harfood county. -e're dealing with a disabled tractor trailer. virtually no problems to eport on 95, as we take a live looo a3 joppa road. thh cars are moving northbound3 and southbound just fine. ittwill remain clear from whitemarsh boulevard to theú beltwwy, you're looking at a --minute ttip. you're look the a 8-minute ride through the fort mcheery tunnel and a 9-minute ride through the harbor tunnee. that's a look at the traffic patrice, back to you. >>> it was expected toobe a morning the race for city state call. according to unofficial results, though gregg bernsteennis the winner beeting out incumbent patrrcia jessamy. megan gi
. salisbury, chilly therr and hagerstown at 53 and oakllnd as 53. the dew point of 37, dry out in oakland. steers to the north nd east of us and out of our way. ú% degrees for the high and northeast winds becoming south 5-10 miles per hour. patrice. >>> the head of the u.s. labor howard county. megan gilliland has the latest what she had to say on the state of the economy on this labor day. >>> on the weekend we honor worring americans.ú the u.s. deeartment of is visit -omething thh hardest working men and wooen. the secretary met withúú%firefir fire station in howarr county where the unemployment stands at a low 5.7%. across he country it's much higher. the latest figure showed that 9-.6% of the americans are withoot jobs. whilele figures are grim, solis says that the country is moving forward. month. the last two jobs when bush wws president there was no job ú%owth. that's a big difffrence. >> reporter: on john %-blasted that olicy saying tht the policies have failed and saying that the country is has less jobs today than when the stimuluu package was passed. >>> a boy is rushe
and maybe evee a thunderstorm popping. 66 is the ttmperature in baltimore, 61 in salisbury, 64 in hagerstown, remember, yesttrday we were seeing 40s in there, upper 40s som in somef the corners of the statee you can see we have the showers in the frontal boundary in that chance for a late day showee or thunderstorm. 88 degrees are to the high. it may be a hot one today. let's see what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. laurenn good morning. >> reporter: thank yoo, steve and good morningg so far so good on the road as we ú%ke a liie look in the whitemarsh. no problems to report northbound or southbound. an average speed of 55 miles per hour. all is clear traveling throogh the tunnels from the fort looking at an average speed of 55 miles per hour. that is going to take you 9 minutes an average speed of 54 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. >>> thank yyu, lauren. 5:02 on fox 45 earry edition. a man accused of beeting a dog to ddath is ordered to work with animals. this morning people re outraged. megan gilllland is live at the spca where he is
68 degrees downnown baltimore. 67 in d.c. comfortable 60 in hagerstown. mid 50s out there in western maryland. overnight tonight, we should drop down to 64 degrees. with clear skies. ú%will need them for the next couple of days. possibly arrive. much nneded rain. and then start to see the things as far as teeperatures are concerned, heat up quite a bit around the reggon. -how you how hot oming up in the seven-day forecass. >> aggressive kids with adhd possibly don't need other medications. hyperactivity disorder that actt aggressively are given -nti-psychotic drugs, in additionnto stimulants like rrtalin. but a new study said that sttmulants are enough if doseed ú%d taken properly. >> the fda weighs in on aú massachusetts commany's idea to sell a genetically enginnered fish. they say they altered atlantic salmon anddtotally safe. and environmentally sustainable. because it grows twice as fast as convennional salmon. critics call it franken fish, the fda is holling heaaings to decide whether to approve it. pay the bills day-to-day. it is real for them. bbt try telling that to the
willlfeel tomorrow. baltimore. 80 in d.c. 78 in fredericksberg. looking at 78 in hagerstown. temperaturessin the mid to upper 70s. clear skies. beautiful moon out there. 74 starting us off for thh morning commute. witt sunshine. and right at lunch time, about 90 egrees. and it will continue to climb through the afternoon. i will have a detailed look at how long the heat sticks around in tte seven-day forecast..3 coming up. >> two girls fighting and all caught on tape. and posted then on "youtube". why one of the girl's parents is facing criminal charges. >> and nergy efficient street lights in a dog park. %-the lights and why t isuel abundant free. >> you said you wanted to play drees up. >> still ahead on the "late editio >> city police are investigating after a man is shot inneast baltimore. it happened at 10:00 this morning at north broadway and east oliver. foond the victim shot several times in the abdomen. he was ruuhed to hopkins where he later died. police hhve no suspects at this hour. nor a motive. >> police in balttmore county arrest a man that is responsible for a sexual assau
degrees in baltimore so quite hagerstown and salisbury 53. it's going to be cool in some temperatures will climb to pleasant, 78 degrees. northeast winds become southeast later in the day at 5-10 miles per hour, that is seasonable beeause that is where we should be thii time of year. we will take a look at what is %-we will have a littll wind. right now we will check n with laurrn cooke who has the traffi3 edge. good morning, lauren. >> repprter: good morning, steve. as we check on 95, moving %-cars moving out there yet, but though delays traveling southbound o noothbound. from whitemarss to the beltway, we are looking at speed of 55 miles per hour, and you're lookinn at an 8-minute ride with an aveeage speed of 55 miles per hour, the from the harbor tunnel toll to 95, you're looking at a 5 minute speed with an average speed of bbef miles pe!! 55 milr >>> the recession is officially over that's according to the national bureau of economic research, but many people hereú in maryland and across the country are hhving trouble that3 beliiving that the recovery isf. megan gilliland i
. downtown 74 degrees, and 77 in d.c. and 68 in salisbury and hagerstown and oakland at 64. stormy weather moving out of delaware and into the a atlantic ocean. to the wft a couple of showers in pennsylvania but that won't bother us. the heattmay bother, and you humidity will be climbing too, winds shifting at 5 to 10. take a look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes, but ú%ght now lauren cooke has the good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, steve. while we start the day on trouble att 95, where we are dealing with a crash at you approach interstate 95. fortunately the northeast corridor of 95 is ice and clear nothing to get in your way on mountain road. you'rr looking at a 5-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. the beltway in problems to report there, thaa is goiig to speed of 54 miles per hourrasge well. 795 to 95, therr you're look the an 11 -- excuse me a 12-minnte e ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. >>> two dogs are dead after being shot by city policcú officers trying to serve a warrant. it happened just before 5:00 at a home near we
in hagerstown. wings in d.c. currently we are in the 70s. 74 in baltimore. looking t 73 in d.c. salisbury at 62. so tonight looking at mainly clear ssies. 69, with a southwest wind at 10-to-15. but those tropics are abreuing out there. quick scan acrrss the gulf of mexico and down out over the atlantic. three storrssin the works. i will show you where they are heading, coming up in the forecast. >> concerns about cough medication y teenagers could be at-riss and what an fda panel is recommending tonight. >> i am not an recommendation i can and never had an eating disorderr >> the white hoose crasher defends e introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow
thought we would haveeit we're seeing it concentraaed inn county, you are seeingg3ú hagerstown heavy rain that is heavv there. too bad. a light shower in spots. eastern shore is being spared by a lottof moisture that ii ught in the atlantic. the movement, south north, right ú%ong the south and north pathway and it's moving again for hat area, but it's not spreading as we typically would see it often from west to east and bringing it across the state. instead thh missiig rainngoes off to the east and the atlantic ocean it stays there it looks like, as a lot of tropical moisture stays to the nnrth. -nstead it looos like we're concerned.ed as far as that is meanwhile ttere's more chances for rain which we could use certainly, oming from the south. not just todaa eether, it looks like thursday, there's a better chance of heavy downpours and we will talk about why in a jjst a %-a flash-flood watch at thh ú%esapeake bay until 10:00 aamm and a coastal flood warningg3 ú%til the chesapeake bay, and the west side of the chesappake bay until 5:00 .m. >> you see the low pressure center thht ii
the temperatures at 76 degrees and 79 at dc. 80 in hagerstown and ccoler at western maryland and 58 degrees in we'll continue to see the cooler spot there. then as far as back her at home plenty of sunshine as we saw. plenty of clear skies out there across the region. cold front went through. area of low pressure up into cannda but most part dry conditions across the street and will continue to enjoy dry conditions through the overnight and down the road look like not any rape any time soon. probably going to take its time to et here as we get into thursday night into friday so looks like we útay dry until then and next step comes ii from the into thursday night friday morning then getting out of here. so this is all we worry about. egor and then julia and new tropical storm in the gulf come up in a bit. >> thank ew in charge of your own personalized weather forecast i radar is available and use the interactive tools coming down to your streettand click on i radar. >> police ake 2 arrest after deadly stabbing. russell latimer and myself glover. investigators say they are upon for killin
thii morning there. 76 degrees in d.c. and 65, a llttle cooler in saaisbury and hagerstown 70 degreee.ú ú%-nything not nothing but clear skies. that will be the day and too3 bring us all kinds of sunshine. average around the area. we will get to 93 degrees by noon and 95 at 6:00 p.m. after ú%between 3 and 4:00 thiss33es what do the roads look like as we head out this morning? lauren ccoke has the trafffc edge.3 >> reporterr in addition to -lear skies we have clear roaddays. as we take a live look at the northeast corrrdor, you ill ú%e whitemarsh area.o report in here is south of 695.ú you're looking at a 4-minute ttip itt a speed of 64 miles3 per hour. once you hhp on the beltway, no problems from 85 to 83, you''e looking at an 11-miiute trip with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. to 95, you're looking attan 795, 11-minute trip wiih an averageú speed of 55 miles per hour. ttat's a live look at the traffic edge. back to you. >>> hurricane earl hasn't even hittthe u.s. coastllne yet and already he is putting a big daaper on holiday vacation plans. meean gillila
degrees n baltimore, and 52 hagerstown and hd radar. not looking veryyeventful, a few %-story for todayybut the next chance f rain early sunday night. should top out at 47 at3 4:00 p.m. it should be a dry day all the way through. whattis happening on the roadways right now as ou head out for your commute, wherever3 you're headed. hhre is laurenncooke with the3 traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thhnk you, steve.ú we do have a serious accident at owings mills boulevard. a tow truckkhas just arrived to the scene but only one laneegets by.ú you want to stick at ouue 40 as an alternate route. here is old court road where cars ra moving alon a -- are mog along just fine. and thhre you should have a pretty high average speed of ú%. that will take ou 11 minutes as well with an averaae speed f 54 miles per hourr the northhast corridor of 95, remains clear from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you're looking at a 4-minute trip withú an average speed of 4 miles per -hat's the traffic edge report, patrice.ú back to you. >>> thank you, laurrn. 5:31 fox 45 morning news earl
, in our fugitive files, by clicking the news features section. new tonight. a baby-sitter in hagerstown s facing several counts of abusin3 the -year-old girl in her care. alive in sitter, last month, the pornographic video of her daughter, on taaker's laptop. ú%tectives seized the computer. found the video. and confirmed that tasker was in the room whhn it was made..33 conviction onnall of the charges would rrsult in a sentence of 116 years in prisoo. >> baltimore county police have created a facial reconstruction. ffom decomposed human remains they found in 2007. forensic artist cceated the model usinggthe skull. the victim is described as a white or hispaniccfemale, 5'2, 102 ounds. >> the autopsy is not able to reveal the cause or manner f death. we don't know if it is foul play. or an accidental or suicide. we wouud like o try to gettthe answers. >> er body waa found in august of 2007, off the batavvaafarmú road. anyone that recognizes this woman or has information call baltimore county police at 866-7-lockupp >> king pen of a drug emmire and 2 otters taken down by the feds. aut
back towards hagerstown, front royal got hit, back towards winchester. that main band is going to slide into the north but there's a line that extends just south of there towards fredericksburg, that is going to reach us as we head through this morning. there's a flash flood watch now for much of maryland, at least the counties west of the bay including harford, baltimore, anne arundel county, howard and carroll county for localized heavy downpours that could produce some street flooding. that is a coastal flood advisory if you're living by the bay. near 70 this morning. we'll break it up a little but still an isolated storm and high of 79 this afternoon. let's check the roads with kim. >>> as you make your way up and down the 95 corridor traffic moves very well. no problems on 95 southbound from harford county approaching the tunnels. and headed down towards 695 and 895 split. as we look at the drive times, on the harrisburg expressway it's five minutes from shawan to the beltway no problems on the top side between the 83s. on the jfx traffic moves nicely between the beltway down to n
in baltimore. 85 in hagerstown. wings in d.c. currently we are in the 70s. 74 in baltimore. looking t 73 in d.c. salisbury at 62. so tonight looking at mainly clear ssies. 69, with a southwest wind at 10-to-15. but those tropics are abreuing out there. quick scan acrrss the gulf of mexico and down out over the atlantic. three storrssin the works. i will show you where they are heading, coming up in the forecast. >> concerns about cough medication y teenagers could be at-riss and what an fda panel is recommending tonight. >> i am not an recommendation i can and never had an eating disorderr >> the white hoose crasher defends ersell.  %->> as the dust settles from to ú%u ddy night elections one thing is clear. tea party gain momentum after taking two major victories. but it remains unclear what that means for the general election. craig boswell reports republicans are debating the influence of the tea party and democrats are looking to find wwys to retain control of congress. >>>ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. >> and today the republicans are -peaking out about tea
, martinsburg, hagerstown, inwood and boones borrow you'll be affected by that -- boonesborough. we'll keep a close eye on that. >>> horror at one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals, a man from arlington distraught over the condition of his mother pulled out a gun her doctor. the alleged gunman then ran back into the room, shot his mother and turned the gun on him. fox 5's bob barnard is live in baltimore tonight with what we're learning about the suspect. bob. >> reporter: brian, there's still some confusion tonight over his name. police initially identified him as warren davis because of the bracelet hospital issued bracelet on his wrist, then came back and said his name was paul warren pardus. whatever his name, he touched off some terrifying moments here today. for a little more than two hours thursday one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals became an uncertain crime scene with shots fired inside baltimore's johns hopkins hospital. >> we're from a small town in tennessee. so it's mind boggling. things like this, you know, live on a little farm. >> reporter: baltimore poli
chance of showers twain between hagerstown and cumberland. zone forecast, maybe a shower in oakland. 76 tomorrow. 82 cumberland. mid-80s in hagerstown and winchester. almost 90 in culpeper. mid-80s for leesburg and warrenton, manassas and also middleburg. downtown mid to upper 80s. chance of a sprinkle, upper to mid-80s on the bay and small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. 897 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle and much cooler. low 70s with clouds and maybe drizzle or shower by late in the day. it will not be a washout, just kind of cool. on monday a better chance of rain, showers and storms in the upper 70s and may bleed in to tuesday and very nice on wednesday, thursday and friday. >> looks like the forecast is going to get on the right track. we want to know if the redskins can get on the winning track. >> number 92 would help, wouldn't it? >> if he got in the game and got in the head and heart. >> a big boo boom hanes wto didn't suit up last week but all signs point to a change this week. and also trent williams has been hobbled since the texans game. he took strides to get bac
here. we have a dense fog advisory rough will you stretching from hagerstown down to central and northern sections of virginia. can you see the big cities of baltimore and washington. we are not under the dense fog sites. doesn't mean you won't see some closer to town. the worst of, it the visibility are lowest out to the west. going to take a couple of hour here to mix up the atmosphere. we need the sunshine to start to mix the atmosphere as winds aren't much of a help here. very still air here. we had about 2/3 of an un. of rain. here are the wind speeds. nothing happening out to the west. zero in fredericksburg, frederick. winchester, hagerstown. that helps contribute to the fog development t . it will be with us through mid-morning. we'll be warmer too with highs back into the mid-80s. 61 in gaithersburg. frederick, 59. hagerstown, 5 # degree. there is your cool start. definitely a fall-like feel to the day here. 63 in annapolis. 59 in leonardtown. satellite-radar, we've got generally clear skies. next couple of days. it will feature high pressure building in from the nor
's a cool one to start out. we're in the 50s for most of us. 55 in bat month and 60 in hagerstown and 60 across the south. everything is ranging from about 50 to 60. we're going to see more clouds mix into the picture today and a little warmer. getting nothing the low 80s for the high and that is because a cold front is passing by. we're not going to see much rain. the dry conditions are going to continue. but we have a front coming through and then we have warm conditions setting in later this week. we'll have your forecast later coming up. >>> a tragic weekend accident claims the life of a harford county teen. the 14-year-old was struck and killed while crossing a busy road in bel-air. and his high school classmates are coming together to grief. >> reporter: good morning. it's been an emotional weekend for dozens of teenagers that new the victim of this fatal crash. and people are so concerned about the busy intersection. a memorial is held saturday at the fallston rec center in memory of joey d'entremont. he died friday night crossing route 24 north of the bel air bypass. people confr
a dense fog advisory is in affect northwest of washington. from frederick to hagerstown and culpeper in to manassas and leesburg. even western fairfax, you may see some fog too. this dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. you can see the viables are down to a quarter mile in manassas, culpeper, hagerstown and martinsburg. easton a little fog here and looking at ten miles. pretty good here in washington as far as the visible is concerned. winchester, you have be in and out of the fog this morning. day at a glance, 64 degrees. a couple of clouds. 77 by noon. much nicer by 5:00. here's the sunshine and 81. low 80s. although we get enough sunshine, 84, 85 clearly in reach after starting in the 80s. the bus stop forecast, we talked about the fog. otherwise partly cloudy out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you may need a light jacket. partly to mostly sunny. peel the jacket off this afternoon. low 80s an i'm being conservative. we could get to 85 in a couple of spots. tonight partly cloudy an cool. 58 to 64 with a west win at 5:00 and 6:20 on the sunset. here's
. you can see thunderstorms around hagerstown right now and they are drifting to the east. we have a 30% chance for a thunderstorm today. the middle of the date should be dry. we have a slight chance for thunderstorms later in the day. high temperature around 90 degrees. we will check the forecast for the upcoming weekend when we come back. >> we're dealing with the remnants of that storm with some downed trees in baltimore county. there is an accident eastbound 40. watch for that. there are some lane closures traveling eastward. the storms came through last night. a downed tree continues to block blue mountain. rest of the major roadways are in good shape. 11 minutes on the northeast outer loop. several minutes to travel southbound 895 down to the harbor tunnel tolls. things are still in pretty good shape on the west side at old court. this is 95 south of mountain road. moving without the light at this time. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now back to you. >> thank you. the battle over slots in anne arundel county goes low-tech. >> the developer is literally pounding the paveme
and in virginia. the panhandle of west virginia. in hagerstown, pretty good thunderstorm now. around 81 between hagerstown and williamsport. everything is pushing off now to the north and east headed towards smithburg. i think in the immediate metro area we're good for a couple of hours. we'll come back and talk about where the storms are going to head. we'll have your wakeup ether shortly. back to you. >>> so what happened behind the wheel? that is the question police in district heights are happening after a crash left three people dead and an ambulance split apart. >> i'm shocked. he's not supposed to be dead right now. he's really not. >> the violent wrecked happened in the 5600-block of marlboro pike earlier this morning. emmanuel jones was the driver that hit the ambulance. the suv only came to a stop after it hit a brick wall. >> that vehicle traveling that excessive rate of speed was on top of them. >> jones was traveling with his cousin, 22-year-old andre watley and friend tony burney. all three men were killed. the men in the ambulance were not hurt. no patients were being transported
moving out of virginia into maryland. so frederick, maryland, toward hagerstown. you're all going to see some rain. and on 270, south of the district, most of the rain is gone. there is one shower here in fairfax county. if you're thinking about going wn to the woodbridge area, it should be a good one tonight. coming in at 7:03. that's what time that game starts. fred rirk 53 in haguetown. we have called down dramatically. almost 40-degrees cooler. 74 in the district and 73 right now in la plata. across the region we saw the cloud cover early thimorning. and then we started to see the shower make their way through and some thunderstorms. most of the storms stayed well to our north. but baltimore saw a pretty good storm. r us, a couple light showers. we may see more of those behind that rain. look at this. 67 in pittsburgh. 63 in hagerstown. ahead of it, much more. 90s in richmond. 90 as well toward riley. very warm ahead of this system. behind it, the frontal boundary will ve through. it will get nice once again. as i mentioned, we will see a beautiful week on saturday and sunday as well
gusts, up to 32 in hagerstown. 25 across the baltimore region. now, tonight, the winds have died down somewhat. a cool night on tap. but there's really no rain in our forecast, follow perhaps sunday. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>> for instant forecast updates and a live look at the radar, log onto at any time. >>> it's tropical storm hermine causing problems. deadly tornadoes and more than 100 high-water rescues. >>> at least three twisters cut a path of destruction near dallas, as what's left of tropical storm hermine tracks the storms through texas. >> it was huge. it was just swirling for a little while. and i think it just touched down for maybe four or five minutes. we saw debris fly up. >> in spite of injuries like this, there were no serious injuries. the driver walked away with just bumps and bruce. >>> residents of an apartment complex in arlington were caught off guard yesterday, when floodwaters left them trapped. >> literally, within 30 minutes issue it was so high that we couldn't even walk back and forth from the department. >>> roller coasters came
now. 66 in oakland west of the divide. east of the divide, fantastic. hagerstown back toward winchester. probably making 81 again for leesberg, warrenton and manassas. around 80 downtown and also up in gaithersburg, 79 at andrews, 79 in annapolis. the small craft advisories are out this evening on the bay. 80 tomorrow. just spectacular. a thunderstorm possible late on wednesday, even though fall arrives at 11:09, it will feel like summer. kind of hot. back near 90, back near 90 on friday. most of the showers are raked out in the mountains. nice weekend, low 80s on saturday and sunday of next week. >> i like when you can look ahead on monday and say look at that weekend coming up. >>> a huge fire under a railroad bridge brings trains to a halt in new york city. [ male announcer ] today, scrubbologists reveal how the automatic shower cleaner really works. [ bubbles landing ] scrubbing bubbles combine with the water left on your shower walls. ♪ then they clean as they slide down. removes mildew stains and soap scum. cleans a dirty shower in days. then keeps it clean. scrubbing
. frederick, 52. -- hagerstown, 46. annapolis, 56. cambridge, 55. down at the ocean, 53 on the boardwalk in ocean city this morning. same at salzburg. this disturbance will go up over the top and more of these clouds will be over pennsylvania and new york state. once this high pressure moves further east, we will get a bite of this warm and humid air that is off to the west. you start seeing a more southerly breeze and that will see increased humidity. we will be warming up. this cool front which is moving into the dakotas, this weather system will be coming in middle of the week and that will change the weather a little bit as well. aston it is drifting slowly toward the leeward islands in the caribbean. we of tropical depression number 10 in the gulf of mexico. it will not strengthen all that much. it will provide some weather along the texas coast over the next couple of days. we're not all the tropical here today. low humidity with mostly sunny skies. a little warmer and the yesterday. we expect low 80's today. cooler in the mountains. stormtracker to the north of us but by tuesday e
. hagerstown 56. hyattsville 61. very comfortable and dry air. late day showers cannot be ruled out. more on the forecast coming up. >> a pretty good start to the morning rush hour. overnight construction on the beltway in virginia. on the virginia side, good at 66. this camera is revealing traffic on the 270. pretty good right now. now back to you. >> breaking news. a five-year at an apartment in northwest washington. crews are on the scene on the third 100 block of 16th street. three people have suffered burns. no word on the extent of the injuries. a crew is on the way. we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. >>> the hunt for a killer and the neighbor -- neighborhood on a large. >> a drive-by shooting in broad daylight. it happened at a busy use street corridor. we have the hard pricking reaction from one of the victims. >> good morning. police have been searching the neighborhood and working overnight continuing the search for suspects after violence erupted outside a church. violence outside of this memorial baptist church claimed the life of jamal cook. >> i heard gun
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